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Kids Boxing Classes

Junior Boxing Program

Empower your child with confidence, discipline, and physical fitness through our fun and supportive Kids Boxing Class

A safe and early introduction to the fundamentals of boxing

Roar MMA operates a very strict, safe and supervised environment for your kids to learn “the sweet science”. These classes are a great way for kids to socialise, get fit, and build confidence.

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Kids Boxing Classes at Roar MMA

We strive to motivate and encourage kids to enhance their skills and overall fitness through hard work and dedication

Roar MMA offers kids’ boxing classes specifically designed for children ages 7 to 13. Our goal is to introduce kids to the fundamentals of boxing in a safe and supportive environment while promoting discipline, fitness, and self-confidence.

Enrolling your kids into extracurricular activities is often a great way to aid in their development. By enrolling in boxing, they’ll quickly learn many new skills and some very important lessons and life skills that will translate well into life outside of the club.

As a parent, you may be concerned that your child learning Boxing may provide them the means to be a bully, but it’s actually quite the opposite. They will learn to be humble and respectful while making some great friends.

Kids’ classes comprise multiple team-building activities, including fitness circuits, technique work, pad work, heavy bag striking, and potentially some very light sparring, should they be confident to do so. Classes are always strictly supervised, and the environment is very friendly.

Kids Boxing Benefits

There are so many reasons that Boxing is a great starting point for your kids martial arts journey, here are just a few…

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  1. Improved Physical Fitness

    Kids boxing classes offer an engaging workout that enhances cardiovascular endurance, strength, agility, and coordination, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age.

  2. Self-Defence Skills

    Learning basic boxing techniques empowers children with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves if faced with challenging situations, instilling a sense of safety and security.

  3. Boosted Self-Confidence

    As children master new skills and techniques, they gain a sense of accomplishment, leading to increased self-esteem and a belief in their abilities both in and out of the boxing ring.

  4. Enhanced Discipline and Focus

    Boxing requires concentration and discipline, and our classes instil these valuable traits in kids, improving their ability to follow instructions and stay focused on tasks.

  5. Stress Relief and Emotional Regulation

    Boxing provides a constructive outlet for pent-up energy and emotions, teaching children how to manage stress, frustration, and anger in a controlled and positive manner.

  6. Improved Motor Skills

    The dynamic movements in boxing classes enhance hand-eye coordination, footwork, and overall motor skills, helping kids develop better physical control and dexterity.

  7. Non-Competitive Environment

    Our kids boxing classes foster a non-competitive atmosphere, emphasising personal growth and improvement rather than winning, allowing children to explore the sport without undue pressure.

  8. Teamwork and Sportsmanship

    Through partner drills and group exercises, children learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship, developing social skills and fostering a sense of camaraderie with their peers.

Kids Boxing Coaches

Our experienced Boxing coaches will offer modifications to fit your child's abilities and ensure they get the most out of their class.

Mikal Joubert

Muay Thai Coach

Thalia Matene

Placeholder Staff Photo
Boxing & Muay Thai Coach

Kids Boxing Reviews

"My son loves his boxing, his confidence is building and his focus has changed dramatically in a positive way"

We are honoured to share some feedback from our valued members.

The crew are awesome, my wife , kids and myself love it there. The kids classes are set up really well and its great to be back on the mats myself.

Tim Williams

Absolutely fantastic place. Great teachers. Super friendly staff. Thank you very much guys

Kate Crosby

Great atmosphere, awesome classes. All round 5 star rating.

Daniel Gavranic

Highly recommend! Very supportive and friendly team. My son loves coming to Boxing, his confidence is building and his focus has changed dramatically in a positive way. Amazing vibe!


Kids Boxing Class Locations

Kids Boxing is available at these Roar MMA gyms...

Kids Boxing FAQ's

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Kids Boxing Classes. For anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Our classes are aimed for kids 7-13, however this isn’t a hard rule. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As a parent, you may be concerned that your child learning Boxing may provide them the means to be a bully, but it’s actually quite the opposite. They will learn to be humble and respectful, whilst making some great friends along the way.

To start with, we have everything your kid needs to try out some classes. If they decide to join us, it would be good if they can acquire:

  • Mouthguard
  • Water bottle
  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand wraps

Competitions are available for kids over the age of 10 years old through the Boxing WA Organisation.

Yes, boxing is safe for kids when taught by experienced instructors in a controlled environment. Our Kids Boxing Class prioritises safety, and our experienced coaches ensure that children practice techniques with appropriate protective gear and under close supervision.